About Flockport

Flockport is dedicated to simplicity. We are focused on making server apps more accessible to end users. Users shouldn't have to go innumerable tutorials and the complexity of installing and configuring multiple components just to try applications.

With Flockport users can try applications simply by downloading a container and accessing it on their browsers. Users also benefit from cloud like flexibility of portable application instances that can be cloned, backed up, deployed and freely moved across servers in minutes that’s to containers.

We use LXC containers as they provide and OS like environment that most users are familiar with and allows us to package stacks and apps in a single container. This allows us to keep things simple and removes an entire layer of complexity other container solutions like Docker introduce with single app environments, launching apps in non daemon mode, linking components together, custom networking and the lack of storage persistence that would be counterproductive if the objective is to make things simple and more accessible.

We are working with cloud providers to ensure users across providers can access the growing library of Flockport apps in a click, and building an app store of useful and popular application that can be deployed on any server, any provider and any cloud.

Join us on this exciting journey to make things simple.

The Flockport Team.


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