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Install LXC

Flockport Apps are based on LXC. Flockport provides a multi distribution LXC installer and a Flockport utility that lets you view and download containers.

Download Flockport App

Flockport Apps are ready to deploy. Users spend less time installing and configuring applications, and more time on their ideas.

Launch application

No more elaborate guides. Flockport Apps take you to straight to the launch stage. Flockport is the simplest way to use containers.

How containers work!

Say hello to simple containers!

Deploy your way. The simplest way to use containers.

Scale effortlessly

Perfect for application workloads

LXC is perfect for application workloads where you don’t need to virtualize an OS other than Linux or use a specific kernel, delivering all the flexibility of virtualization without sacrificing performance.

Fine grained resource control

LXC provides fine grained control of container resource usage through cgroups. You can set or limit cpu and memory resources available to LXC containers.

Super efficient

LXC containers are lightweight and efficient allowing users to deploy more instances that would be possible with conventional virtualization. Streaming and other high performance low latency stand workloads stand to benefit the most.

Portable instances

LXC containers are portable and can be moved easily across systems. LXC has built in support for snapshots and cloning and supports these functions natively in BTRFS, ZFS, LVM and overlayfs file systems when available.

Advanced networking

LXC containers have an sophisticated and advanced network stack and support multiple network interfaces and configurations from NAT and bridged modes to more advanced macvlan, vlan and passthru configurations.

Easy to manage

A base Debian or Ubuntu container image is less than a 100MB download and takes seconds to deploy. Containers start-up and shut-down in seconds. Backups are a simple cloning operation, and cloned instances can be provisioned rapidly.

Launch your ideas faster

Easy to use

Flockport Apps are preconfigured with webstacks, databases and applications. Ready to go. Think of it as PAAS on steroids.

Make your own cloud

Get cloud like flexibility of instances and workloads that can be moved across hosts. Users can have a minimal host system, with applications and web stacks in containers that can be deployed in seconds.

Flockport Utility

The Flockport installer setups LXC for you across distributions along with the Flockport utility that let's you view and download containers directly to your system. You can also download containers from the website.

Flockport App Store

Choose from some of the most popular applications and web stacks. Share your containers with the community. Flockport is designed to be an App Store for your server.


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