Hello Simple Containers!

Run apps on any cloud, any server, any provider.


Say goodbye to installing and configuring web stacks and applications. Download a Flockport app and launch. It's fast, simple, flexible.

Bare-metal performance

Flockport is based on Linux container technology (LXC) and gives you bare metal performance without the overhead of virtualization.

Deploy in seconds

Flockport apps are lightweight and portable and can be cloned, backed up, snapshotted and moved across servers in seconds.

Ready to deploy locally or to the cloud.

An app store for your server

Choose from the most popular applications and web stacks. Need to deploy a fully configured WordPress installation or mail server in seconds? Visit the App Store for more.

Your server is mobile!

Need to move providers or your deployed apps and data across servers? No need for an expert or elaborate backup and transition plans. Just zip the app container and move.

Scale effortlessly

Flockport makes it easy for everyone to get cloud like flexibility of portable instances and workloads that can cloned, backed up and deployed in seconds.

Instant apps for everyone

Easy to deploy

Flockport apps are lightweight and efficient. A fully functioning WordPress container with webstack is a mere 120MB download and takes a few seconds and a single command to launch.

Easy to move

Test and deploy multiple applications and web stacks in their own containers isolated from the host operating system. The apps are decoupled. The host becomes immaterial. Management, backup, everything becomes simple.

Easy to optimize

Flockport apps use LXC containers and operate at near native speed. For application workloads there is little reason to put up with the overhead and performance penalty of virtualization.

Share your apps with the Flockport community.


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