About Us

Flockport is a open source cloud technology startup based in Mumbai, India that provides a cloud-agnostic hybrid and multi cloud platform and a disruptive new self service cloud platform. The founders at Flockport are challenging the status quo of existing approaches to cloud migration and modernization. Why is migration expensive and a one way journey?


As more and more enterprises adopt hybrid and multi cloud approaches, there is an immediate need for a portability model where users can migrate their workloads to any/across clouds and move back to on-prem when required in minutes! This approach also gives impetus to move even the mission critical workloads as there will be no lock-in. We call this Cloud. Your Way.

The Flockport Hypermobility platform completely disrupts the existing traditional approach to cloud migration and cloud management and replaces it with a single pane of glass for hybrid and multi cloud management.

Self Service Cloud

Flockport has a vision to enable new and emerging cloud providers to compete with public clouds. The Self Service Cloud Platform combines infrastructure and applications to provide users the same flexibility and ease of use that they have come to expect from the public cloud.

As the world moves to a more diverse cloud landscape this will become a critical value proposition for sovereign cloud and other cloud projects.