Modernization Made Easy


Accelerate Business Value

Maximise Business Value

Flockport gives you all the benefits of modernization without the need to rearchitect or re-engineer your applications. This way you can avoid complexity and reuse exising skillsets, tooling and practices to deliver business value faster.

Standards Based

Flockport is based on standards so this means your existing workloads are mapped one-to-one to containers. This means you get the benefits of containers without adopting technical debt or complexity at a fraction of the effort.

Automated Service Registration

Escape complexity. Everything is easy with Flockport. Service discovery is built into the Flockport Platform for both VMs and containers. So all user resources can automatically publish and consume services.

Load balancers and Controllers

Scale effortlesslly. Choose from and deploy muliple high performance load balancers with fully automated backend registration to scale applications seamlessly.

Easy Automation

Replicated Databases


Auto-Healing & Auto-Recovery


Deployment Automation


Scale Effortlessly

Replicated Databases

Flockport supports all the popular databases and lets users easily deploy multiple replicated databases with single click automation. Users can scale deployed databases up and down and benefit from resilience and scalability.

Application Scheduler

The Application Scheduler lets users deploy and scale applications complete with health checking, autohealing and autorecovery. Deployed applications can be scaled up and down in minututes and application and security updates pushed across hundreds of instances in minutes.

App Store

The Flockport Platform provides a Secure App Store which lets users choose and deploy applications in seconds. Use the Flockport App store or roll out your own secure app stores with your verified apps for your team or internal organizations.

Automated Builds

Flockport provides replicable application deployment with a build system. All deployment steps can be recorded and used to deploy apps, databases and configurations on demand.