Introducing the Flockport App Store

The Flockport App store currently provides over 50 applications. These can be directly accessed and deployed from the Flockport app. All apps are signed and downloaded securely.

Flockport uses LXC containers. These provide a standard OS environment with no limitations on processes or storage and behave like lightweight VMs. Since these are containers they are portable can be moved across servers. So you are not stuck on any server or locked-in to a provider.

Here is a quick screencast on using the App store.

Using the FLockport App Store

Flockport is an open source project and currently supports 5 Linux distributions. Flockport is designed to be easy to use and provide a just works out of the box experience. Flockport ships with its own LXC installer that is tested to work in a standardized way across supported distributions.

Flockport also provides recipes that let you build your own container applications. Recipes capture the steps required to build the application and let you automate container builds. These can then be deployed on any server. We use recipes internally to build all the applications available in the App store

Flockport is a new container orchestration platform. You can provision servers, deploy and manage containers across servers, build overlay networks, distributed storage pools, service discovery, application delivery and high availability.