Flockport Hypermobility


Cloud. Your Way.

New Possibilities for Hybrid and Multicloud

Think seamless application mobility across on-prem and clouds. What if you could move deployed applications on-prem to the cloud in minutes. And back. And across clouds. All with one click simplicity. That's Hypermobility. Hypermobility frees your applications and gives you one click mobility on demand.

Simplify Your Cloud Journey

In the coming multi-cloud world it doesn't make sense to expend time and resources on a one way migration that leads to lock in. Any further movement will take more time, resources and complexity. This reduces business agility. With Hypermobility you get mobility out of the box and can move apps to diverse environments as required.

Cloud On Demand

Take advantage of the cloud today. Moving your existing VM workloads or redeploying can be time intensive and expensive. Hypermobility is designed ground up for easy mobility and can consume your existing workloads as-is and give you single click migration to any cloud.

Reverse Migration.

Take control of your cloud journey. Get the flexibility of cloud and security of on-prem. Move applications to the cloud as required or bring them back on-prem when needed. Hypermobility opens the gateway to true hybrid and multi cloud deployments without the overhead or complexity.

Zero Complexity

Business Agility

There is no need to get bogged down in long migration projects. Flockport provides a one-to-one mapping to existing VM based workloads. So there is no need to re-engineer or re-architect your applications to take advantage of mobility and modernization. Applications can be moved as is. This dramatically simplifies your cloud journey and costs.

Fresh Approach

Flockport offers a zero complexity approach to cloud and modernization with a focus on flexibility and mobility. Alternative approaches introduce complexity, technical debt and a focus on infrastructure that can bog down teams on infrastructure issues instead of adding business value.

Skills Reuse

Hypermobility is standards based, so what works in your VM based workloads will work on Flockport. You can continue to use your existing tooling, architecture and skills. This gives you control and lets you modernize at your own pace.

Deploy Once. Run Anywhere.

The industry has long talked about the need for flexible deployment. Hypermobility makes deploy once run anywhere a reality. Any applications deployed in the hypermobility platform are immediately mobile and can be deployed in any cloud or on-prem environment.

Multi-Cloud Ready

Multi-Cloud Native

Hybrid and Multi-cloud requires application mobility. Hypermobility provides flexibility to not only deploy to multiple clouds but also move existing deployments across clouds and on-prem without disruption.

Sovereign Cloud

As we move into a diverse cloud landscape with multiple sovereign cloud and data localization requirements businesses operating in a global environment will require the ability to deploy workloads across multiple clouds and environments seamlessly.

Business Continuity

Committing to a single cloud presents risks every CIO needs to consider. Everything from geopolitical events to currency fluctuation can impact your cloud deployment making mobility critical to any cloud strategy.

App Modernization

Hypermobility gives you the flexibility of cloud architectures wherever you are. You can modernize your applications with automated service discovery, load balancers, rds, app scheduler, autohealing and more.