Flockport Instashift


Automate Cloud Migration

Instant VM Migration

VM Migration projects can be expensive, time consuming and error prone. Instashift frees you from long migration projects with single click mobility. Just select your VMs from the UI and Instashift will do the rest.

Single Click Simplicity

Instashift provides a robust migration strategy by moving your VMs complete with applications, databases, data and state as deployed. This massively accelerates migration projects by reducing errors and the need for manual intervention.

A Better Lift-And-Shift

Unlike existing approaches Instashift gives you continous application mobility. This is not as one time migration to the cloud. Instashifted Applications can be moved to the clouds, across clouds and brought back on-prem in minutes.

Benefit From Cloud Without Redeployment

The need to reengineer or redeploy applications to migrate can significantly delay migration projects and raise costs impacting business agility. Instashift lets you benefit from the cloud with your applications architecture as-is without the need to devote time and resources to redeployment