Self Service Cloud


Self Service Cloud

Self Service Flexibility

The Flockport Self Service Cloud Platform is a disruptive new platform for sovereign and emerging cloud providers. It is designed ground up to enable new cloud providers to deliver the same flexiblity and ease of use users have come to expect from the public cloud. This is a next generation platform to accelerate emerging cloud providers.

Infrastructure + Apps

Simply providing infrastructure flexibility is not enough. Customer expectations have changed in the cloud age. The Flockport Self Service Cloud platform not only provides infrastructure flexibility but also supplements that with a rich application ecosystem to provide next generation services.

Beyond Hyperconvergence

Public cloud providers have rapidly augmented hyperconvergence with a rich ecosystem of apps to deliver next generation capabilities. The explosive growth of the cloud has shown customers are willing to pay a premium for flexibility. New cloud providers do not have access to the same sophisticated platforms to compete with existing public clouds and Flockport Self Service Cloud is designed to bridge this gap.

A Multi-Cloud World

As we move into a multi-cloud world with multiple sovereign cloud projects there is a need for better platforms to power the push towards a more diverse cloud landscape. The Flockport platform is built for innovation and delivering the most comprehensive services to providers and end users.

An Innovation Platform

Easy Provisioning

End users can provision their own infrastructure from VMs, Containers, Storage and Networks in minutes with the same flexibility they get on the cloud.


VPCs are the building block of any cloud provider. Self service VPCs let you users provision their own networks in which to deploy their resources.

Load balancers and Controllers

Users can choose from and deploy muliple high performance load balancers with fully automated backend registration to scale applications seamlessly.

Automated Service Discovery.

Service discovery is built into the Flockport Self Service Cloud Platform for VMs and containers. So all user resources can automatically publish and consume services with zero configuration.

Replicated Databases

Flockport supports deploying replicated databases and lets users provision replicated databases with single click automation. Users can scale deployed database counts up and down and benefit from resilience and scalability.

Auto-Healing and Auto-Recovery

The Flockport Scheduler lets users deploy and scale applications complete with health checking, autohealing and autorecovery. Deployed applications can be scaled up and down in minutes and application and security updates pushed across hundreds of instances in minutes.

App Store

The Flockport Platform provides a Secure App Store which lets users choose and deploy applications in seconds. Users can even roll out their own secure app stores for their internal organization use.


The Flockport Self Service Cloud platform is designed ground up for scalability. All Self Service Cloud functions can be automated via Flockport APIs for replicable deployments of both infrastructure and applications.

Flockport Platform Overview